Maumee River Report – April 10 , 2019

Maumee River Report – April 10 , 2019
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7 in

Sunrise/First Cast-  7:01 am

Sunset / Last Cast- 8:10 pm

Weight: 1/2 – 5/8 oz

Colors: Bright colors, Green head/ Yellow tail/ orange head /Firetiger tail, White head /pink or rocket red tail, bluee head/ white tail. 

Crossing to Bluegrass island is permitted.

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Big Jack leader- 4.80 lbs



Yesterday was another good day on the river – we saw the first limits start coming in about an hr aftter sunrise. and it was staedy all day. Faster water was and is the key. Davis overlook, Buttonwood, Bluegrass Island, FtMeigs , The Towpath, jerome Rd Rapids all were producing limits .

Now after last nights cool down we may see a slight lull in the action. Sometimes after a quick cold night the walleye get ” knocked in the head” this means they settle and lay down closer to the bottom and may not be as active.  Sometimes shorting the leader on the carolina rig to 2 ft or less will put that lure closer to the bottom and trigger a bite. Also this is usually a good day to go old school and throw out a lead head jig. The lead heads run closer to the bottom and can be just the right thing to spark some action on a slow day.

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Have fun be safe and good luck fishing






Suggested Baits

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