Maumee River Report- April 18 ,2019

Maumee River Report- April 18 ,2019
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30.37 inHg. falling

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Sunrise/First Cast-  6:54 am

Sunset / Last Cast- 8:18 pm

Weight:   5/8 oz- 1/2 oz



faster water areas such as Buttonwood Ford Street and Davis overlook were all productive yesterday.

On Tuesdays the evening temperatures got close to 70 then overnight the ambient temperature dropped  11 degrees..that put us on a cold Wednesday morning.. This cold fronts slowed the fishing down… again.  Even though that river is loaded with walleye it is tough to get them to bite right now. We saw multiple limits as the day progressed and it warmed up a little bit. A few anglers went old school and threw lead head jigs to keep the bait closer to the bottom and in front of those knocked down walleyes faces.

Today we have a storm coming thru , the pre-storm early morning bite should be very good

Looking forward to a good weekend.


Colors: As  the water warms and clears up and we get closer to  real spring(not this never ending winter) bait fish begin to hatch and become more prevalent. So this is the time to start using the more natural colors , like the ones I have pictured in the featured photo.

Shimmer shad, Motor oil gold tail, pumpkinseed in the berkly power bait is a great one,  green with pepper flake, and apple seed. These are the colors that look like crawfish, baby bluegill, minnows, shad  and bugs—-the stuff that the walleye will be feeding on.

Crossing to Bluegrass island is not permitted


Suggested Baits

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