Maumee River Report- April 23, 2018- Tournament Results

Maumee River Report- April 23, 2018- Tournament Results
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Congratulations to the winners of this years walleye tournament.  We had over 40 teams signed up and saw some nice fish come in

Sunrise- 6:43 am

Sunset-8:23 pm


Weight- 5/8 to 1/2 oz

Colors- Green head / Green tail, Yellow head/ Silver sparkle tail, Orange head Firetigher tail.


What a great weekend for fishing we had.


1 st place  Nick Isbell and Seth–17.61 lbs

2nd place Ryan Fackler and Andrew Knitz–14.8 lbs

3rd place Randy Hayes and Hunter Hayes-13.41 lbs

Big Jack – Nick Isbell-4.9 lbs

4. Zach Meeker/Joe Mettler- 12.5

5.  Matt Trupp/ Abel Stegal-12.01

6.Adam Williams/ Ryan Findling-11.70

Ryan Kiernan/Dan Cassavar-11.70

7. Mark Ludlow/ Thomas P.- 11.20

8. Andy Patrilla/Eric Gibson- 10.60

9. Jason Rice/ branden B. -10.40

10. Sam and Chad Vallenti -10.10

Shawn S. / Devan B. -10.10

11. Nick Bub/Chris Malcom-10.8

12. Tyler Sherman / Tory Rood-9.9


13.Le Ann Slomka/Bryce Hummel- 9.5

Chris Seigneur/Garson Darrin- 9.5

Mike Shaw/ Darryl Smith-9.5


14.Andrew T./Justin malone-9.3

Chad Kujawa/Don Eisert-9.3

Mike Owen/ Jacob Pickett-9.3

15.Matt Nelson/ Dan- 8.8

Dakotah D./ Roscoe Hummel- 8.8

16 . Jeremy Reim/Michael Irvin-7.7

Chris Crenshaw/ Tim Schnipler-7.7

17.Sean McNett/ Ray smith-7.5

18. Richard Dawson/Denzel Burgen- 6.4

19.Adam Noonan/Craig Noonan- 5.10


Have fun be safe and good luck fishing

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