Maumee River Report – April 8th 2022

Maumee River Report – April 8th 2022
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10 in



WEIGHT:  1/2 -5/8 oz

BLUEGRASS ISLAND: Good to cross today. Very low

Colors: green head/ berkly natural chartruse tail, black head /shimmer shad tail, dark green head/ firetiger tail. 


The morning bite was very good limits in  an hour or less. Around lunch time the walleye bite slowed down but the sucker bite was on fire. One walleye between every 4-5 suckers .. still fun fishing.  Today will be a bit warmer and the pressure a little lower so hoping that walleye bite picks up and the suckers slow down.  I’m thinking that the next ray of sunshine that poke though this gloomy week is going to really spark some action.  Haven’t seen any real big jacks or lots of females come through this week , so we have some good days ahead of us. 

Keep the faith , have fun, be safe and good luck fishing

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