Maumee River report Friday the 13th -november 2020

Maumee River report Friday the 13th -november 2020
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29.99 rising

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Bam! The bait shop girls been smashing the walleye on lake Erie.  Natural minnow colored bombers on 3 different piers.

Oh man ! The big cats are biting too. Live shad for the flatheads . Worms and frozen shad for the channels.


Kayaks- if you have been on the fence about purchasing a kayak well this fall/winter is time to do your research and pull the trigger.  If you wait till spring there may not be many available anywhere. I get it – it’s a big purchase, and not a necessity.  Stop in and take a look at what we have , ask questions, we are more than happy to run you through the specs and tell you what we think- that part is free- no pressure.  I have a bunch more on order for spring but there is no guarantee they will show up on time.

Henry Rifles- all lever action

.44 cal big boy steel

.45 Long Colt..all weather

..45 Long Colt big boy steel carbine

.30.30 all weather

Multiple .22 versions

45-70 X model – on order

45-70 big boy steel- on order


Have fun ,be safe it’s Friday the 13th, no bananas on the’s bad luck.

Good luck all!


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