Maumee River Report-july 13.2021- list of new Kayaks due in this month

Maumee River Report-july 13.2021- list of new Kayaks due in this month
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Big Cats are fun to catch!


Okay so I’ve listed below new  kayaks that we have due in by the end of the month. Shipments will probably be piecemeal, so as they arrive I will post.

I am not taking prepayment, for the simple fact I don’t have a lot of faith in the shipping systems . So I don’t want to take someone’s money and then not have the boat show up. BUT! If you see something you’re interested in give us a call at the shop and we can put your name on a first call list. We will have inventory at both locations Maumee 419.893.3474 and Grand Rapids Ohio 419.830.3077.


Sentinal 100XP Angler–20 each

ARGO 100XR—5 each

SPRINT 120XR–10 each

ARGO 136XP TANDEM-7 each

GETAWAY 110 HDII pedal drive–10 each

THE CATCH 100-5 each

CATCH PWR100- 10 each

Looking empty… Going to be full soon!

10’6′ RIPTIDE RIGID Paddleboards——10 ea




Aspire 105- 4 each

Pungo 105  2each

Pungo 120- 6 each

Pungo 125–3 each

Radar MX115– 1 each

Recon 120–2 each

Tarpon 105- 3 each



Bite FD 12 ft- pedal drive- 4each

Coosa FD ft 12 ft- pedal drive- 2each

Kilroy FD 13 ft-pedal drive- 1 each

Liska 12ft- 4 each

Mayfly 12 ft -2 each

Yupik 12 ft -4 each

Cruise 10ft- 2 each

Staxx 10ft-8 each

Tupoleo 12 ft -4 each

Riviera tandem- 4 each

As each shipment arrives I will post, along with pictures.

Have fun ,be safe and see you on the water.


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