maumee river report – June 25 2022

maumee river report – June 25 2022
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Water Level


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Water Temperature

71 degrees

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Barometric Pressure


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Water Clarity

8-10 inches

The river is running low and slow.
when the river gets like this I like to head to some of the faster moving water with a little bit of rapids, the water is a little bit cooler there and more oxygenated for the fish . Grab a bobber and drop a night crawler about 18 inches down throw it in the rapids and let that worm bounce on down through the rapids, Bam! Catfish , white bass , maybe even a stray walleye, you never know.


We are running kayak trips every single day even though it’s slow we still have some options so come out and enjoy a nice lazy day on the river .

Have fun , be safe and see you on the river.

Suggested Baits

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