Maumee River Report- March 10, 2018

Maumee River Report- March 10, 2018
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Water Level

581.5 ft

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Water Temperature

37 degrees

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Barometric Pressure

30.03 in

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Water Clarity

6 inches




Saw another limi brought up to the shop and we had reports of one or two fish caught at just about all the access areas.  Jerome, white st, Orleans, the Towpath, Ford st and Buttonwood.

Yesterday was cold and windy but those few that ventured out got in to a few. Expect about the same conditions today , hopefully the wind stays down. Looks like about same cold conditions for the next 3-4 days any way. When the water temps drop like this the bite can slow down, try different length leaders or throw a lead head as they might be hanging right on the bottom not doing much. Walleyes and Saugers are not necessarily real active in these colder water environments, but they do tend to be concentrated in good numbers in relatively defined areas. The best baits are normally a little bigger than what’s typically used for walleyes in warmer water. A popular favorite is a four inch twister tail on a large jig head . This type of tail is ideal as the tail moves seductively in the current with very little effort. The the larger body and head also help it to displace more water as it moves along, adding to its action and helping fish to locate the bait in the murky water.

There’s a real fine line between getting snagged and getting bit. You want the jig to swim just inches off the bottom. If you move it too much, chances are you aren’t going to get a bite. A helpful  tactic is to pitch the jig and feel the line to know when it’s hit bottom. Then slowly lift the jig up, letting it sweep back with the current as you slowly reel up the slack line. This cadence continues until the jig is at the end of the drift.

Weight – 1/2 oz to 5/8 oz

Leader- 24-36 inches

Colors- We are starting to see a variation in the colors that are hitting with the ever popular pink getting some bites.  Pink sparkle, Green firetail, Berkly firetiger and  silver tails.  Orange heads and green heads so far the best.

Again it is still early and very cold but there were a lot of fish that came upriver while the water was running high and warm, so all we need is one or two warmer days to get things sparked.

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing.


Suggested Baits

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