Maumee river Report March 1st ,2020

Maumee river Report March 1st ,2020
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Now the picture above is from March 4, 2018.  I wanted you to see an example of an early walleye- as you can see that fish is white /very pale in color-in person its brite white all the way around . This is what the walleye fresh from the lake look like -the residents are darker. 

Here we Go!

Spring spawning rules go into effect today.

Sunrise/First Cast-  7:09 am

Sunset / Last Cast- 6:25 pm

No early runners caught yet, – well we did see a resident walleye pulled out last weekend but none of those early runners.

Today begins the daily reports. What will be included in each report is water temp, water level, barometric pressure and water clarity.  Also I will suggest  weight based on water level. Suggested  colors that have been working well and where the hot spots were the previous day.  Make sure to bring in your catch so we can take your picture and put you on our web-page to make you famous.

Fish cleaning services will be available -we will start cleaning as soon as we we start seeing a few limits.  Since the limit this year  is 6 walleye the cost will be 2$ per fish or $10 per limit.

Water Level Explained; We use the gauge under the 475 bridge as our main source for water level information.  Feet above sea level is how it is measured- 582 ft above sea level is considered relativly normal for the Maumee – So today being at 582 the level is running just about normal. This also the gauge used by the Metroparks to determine if wading to Bluegrass island is safe/permitted.


A general rule of thumb is that when you head out on a darker cloudy day a good place to start with your lures is with darker colors. The walleye see thing differently than us so the darker colors seem to stick out better when its cloudy out.


Then the rule of thumb for bright days is to start is with brighter colors.. I like to switch up colors after a dozen or casts just to see if I can find that one that is sparking their interest.

As many of you know we experienced some serious ice massacre flooding last year  that left ALOT of ice along the banks of the river. It also wiped out a portion of River rd near Jerome rd rapids area.  I m happy to report that none of that devastation occurred this year-no ice at all as a matter of fact.  So All of our local fishing areas are open and ready to fish.  The local metro parks and city works have been working hard the last month to get all theses areas cleaned and prepped for the spring–things are looking very good out there. The only thing is that Buttonwood campground will not be open for overnight camping-too much damage from last years ice. It is still open to park and fish in designated areas though.

Buttonwood- Open

Oreleans Park- Open

Davis Overloook – Open

White street- Open

Bluegrass island -Open

Jerome rd rapids – Open

Sidecut Metro Park- Open

Ft. Meigs – Open


Weights: We are stocked up on weights for the season.

1/4,  3/8, 1/2,  5/8, 3/4 oz –$0.40 each

1 oz–$0.50 each

1-1/2 oz– $0.75 each

2 oz– $0.99 each

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing.



Suggested Baits

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