Maumee river Report March 2, 2020

Maumee river Report March 2, 2020
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Sunrise/First Cast-  7:08 am

Sunset / Last Cast- 6:26 pm

Weight:   5/8 oz- 3/4 oz

Colors:  Start of the run  and a rainy day-here are  a few  good combos that I like to start with and that are usually productive for me during the run- Green head / green firetail, Green head/motor oil tail, orange head/ xmas lights tail, glow head /purple tail, Pink head/ pink tail.

Crossing to Bluegrass island is permitted  this morning but the water will begin to rise  so exercise caution.

We didn’t see any walleye taken out yesterday but the morning was very cold(18 degrees) and didn’t warm up til late afternoon  so I imagine we ought to see a few taken here in the next day or two as the sunshine from yesterday and the rain we have coming gets em stirred up.  This water is warming fast with yesterdays sunshine and todays warm rain-came up 3 degrees in one day. 

Have fun ,be safe and good luck fishing.

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