Maumee River Report- March 24 2019

Maumee River Report- March 24 2019
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Sunrise/First Cast-  7:32 am

Sunset / Last Cast- 7:50 pm

Weight: 5/8 oz -  3/4 oz

 Colors:  Yellow head/  White tail , Blue head / Shimmer shad tail,  Pink head/ Firetiger  tail, Black head/ Orange sparkle tail, Green Head / green sparkle tail

Crossing to Bluegrass is permitted- Be aware that when  crossing to Bluegrass the bottom may have changed. Also when you get out to the main river there is no need to wade way out-the current in the main water is significantly storger than in the crossing areas. A few guys went swimming yesterday and had to be helped out of the water. -Go slowly.


Yesterday morning started out slow, it had been down to 20 degrees on Friday night so it took a few hours for that sunshine to warm thing s up and get them moving. We saw anglers having success out on Bluegrass Island, Ft Meigs and Davis overlook. Yesterdays evening bite was pretty good so hoping for them to be active this morning.

I got a message from the Wood county park district informing me that Buttonwood park in Wood county will be closed to all park visitors until at least mid May as of right now due to ice/flood damage. Not much more info than that, as I find out more I will pass it along.


Big Jack Contest

Tomorrow we start the weekly “BIG JACK ” contest.  Runs Monday  thru close of business Sundays during the walleye run.

Bring your big jacks(males)  up to the shop to be weighed , measured and photographed.

 PRIZE IS $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE  AND MONTHLY BIG JACK GETS 50$ –  Jacks (males)only , caught in Maumee river, free of snag marks, heaviest wins.

Prize must be claimed within 30 days .

We will have the updated leader board in the shop.

The lead head jig is a staple for walleye anglers across the country. Not only do they allow you to effectively fish a variety of cover types, but jigs also allow anglers to probe the entire water column by altering their weight choice. For years before the carolina rig became popular the lead head jig style was the way to go, its always good to keep a few in the wader box just in case.

Berkley® Essentials Round Ball Jigs

Have fun , be safe and good luck fishing.


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