Maumee River Report- March 7 , 2018

Maumee River Report- March 7 , 2018
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Water Level

583 ft

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Water Temperature

40 degrees

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Barometric Pressure


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Water Clarity

5 in



Wading to Bluegrass is not possible.

We are starting to see a few more walleye being taken.  No limits brought up to the shop yesterday but soon enough. The sunny days warm the river a degree then the cold nights drop it a degree.  So we are kinda hovering right at that 40- 41 degree mark.

5/8- 3/4 oz weight

36-40 inch leader

Colors with green variations still working best-but its early in the run.  that neon green firetail has been pretty good.

We often get asked  whether scent is important in fishing . We all know that fish have sensory organs in their bodies. Sharks can “smell” blood from miles away, and a catfish will quickly respond to stink bait presented on the bottom. Certainly there is some ability for a walleye to respond to scent in the water. There is also plenty of evidence out there that scent works.  Berkeley has a whole research department  dedicated to scent development. Even better everyone’s got the buddy that swears by some concoction because of the one day when he whacked them using it and everyone else didn’t.  So  is it likely that using scent will turn a zero fish day into the best day ever? No, but can it possibly get you a couple extra bites, make the walleye hold the bait a split second longer (giving you time to set the hook), or give you the confidence you need to fish more effectively? I absolutely think so.  But don’t expect aroma alone to entice strikes, lure shape and movement still play major roles in hooking on .

All in all, I think its worth it to put a few drops of some juicy minnow scent in your bag of tails and let em soak -cant hurt.



Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing.


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