Maumee River report- March, 8 2021

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30.38 in

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6 inches

Ford street walleye



Sunrise/First cast- 6:58 am

Sunset/Last Cast-6:33 pm

Wading to Bluegrass Island is  permitted.

Weight:   5/8 oz- 3/4 oz

Colors: Multi pink white head/white tail, glow head /purple tail,  orange head / firetiger tail. 

Saturday night and on into yesterday we saw the start of the first good push of walleye (jacks/males) come up the river .  With the sunny days and cold nights  the river is holding steady right around that 39-40 degree mark . This warmup we have coming will definitely spark some more activity.

Location-Its till early to now where the fish will be but with the current water level Bluegrass and Buttonwood are great areas to try. Along the tow path at ford street has produced some walleye as well.

We have a few maps available for sale for those of you unfamiliar with the area. Also- spread out and find that untouched fishing hole today , just because anglers tend to crowd up in one area doesn’t mean that’s the only place the fish are located. Its a big river. If you fish in a crowd that’s because you choose to fish in a crowd.

Some of the  most difficult fish to catch are the ones that bite so softly you have to  sense the bite instead of feeling  a bit hit . Detecting light-biting walleyes during spring wind, rain and cold blustery weather make it even more exasperating. here’s a few tips to  help you hook up on those days when most anglers claim the fish just aren’t biting.

First -The rod and reel should balance near the point where you grip the handle. A tip-heavy rod undermines sensitivity.

Second -try some scent-Anything that can be done to make fish hold on to a lure longer dramatically increases your ability to feel light bites. Walleye fishermen often tip their jigs with minnows, leeches or a piece of night crawlers. Our Berkley gulp twister tail baits come imbued with some type of fish-attracting substance. There’s also a wide choice of scents available in sprays and pastes.

Third-Touching the line kicks up sensitivity another notch. Drape the line over your index finger and the rest of the rod is held  by your other three fingers. Don’t pinch the line, that dampens sensitivity. Just touch it lightly.”


Have fun , be safe and good luck fishing.


Suggested Baits

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