Maumee River Report – May 1 ,2017

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Maumee river
LEVEL-582.5 and rising

TEMP- 56.0  degrees

Barometer: 28.98 and falling

Wading to Bluegrass Island is not possible

Clarity-6 inches

Weight:1/2-5/8 oz

Leader:24-36 inches

Today the sunrise/sunset rule has been lifted . The walleye limit has gone up to six . And more than one hook is allowed. Treble hooks as well.

Colors: black head/shimmer shad tail- green head / motor oil tail – red head /black tail – yellow head/xmas lights tail

The water will continue to rise throughout the day and thru tonight. Probably be a few days till it begins to come down . BUT! When it does it will be very full of white bass and probably more than a few walleyes as well .

Today for white bass try white street, orleans park and along the Towpath. For walleye go to blue grass and Buttonwood.

Weather Report

Have Fun Be safe and Good Luck Fishing

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