Maumee River Report- May 7, 2018- Some Minnow Education and the Bait Menu

Maumee River Report- May 7, 2018- Some Minnow Education and the Bait Menu
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Wading to Blue grass is not permitted at this time. They may open it up as the day progresses and the water drops, but it should be open for sure tomorrow.


Beginning to see some Flathead Catfish action -pictured above.- We have cut shad available for bait as well this year.

With levels down to almost normal today I expect we should see a massive amount of White bass in the river.

So here we go again — Lake Erie Emerald Shiners are becoming difficult to catch-already. As many of you know the last 3  years it was very difficult to get Lake Erie Emerald Shiners. Between the bad weather , the full moon which disperses the minnows and makes them uncatchable for a few days , and the large number of baby walleye, perch and white bass eating em up , it has been very difficult  to get these shiny bait fish.  We will have minnows available all season of one sort or another.

There are 3 types of minnows that are from lake and rivers of Northwest Ohio . You may call them chubs, flatheads, bass, walleye, crappie or pike minnows but there are only 3 species and they are as follows.

*click on images to enlarge*

Bait Menu
Minnows -$2.75 doz

Cut Shad-4.99 per bag
Night Crawlers- 2.35 doz / $4.40 per 2 doz
Green Night Crawlers- $3.30 per doz
Leaf/Red worms – $3.25 per 2 doz
Flat of Nightcrawlers (500 worms)- $60–prepaid

We will have crawfish and leeches hopefully by next week.


Also for some reason Facebook is showing under store hours that we are open til 8pm-this is not correct and trying to get it fixed–we are open until 7 on weekdays. The hours on our actual web page are correct. 

Thanks, be safe, have fun and good luck fishing!



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