Maumee River Report November 18 ,2019

Maumee River Report November 18 ,2019
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The weather the last few days has been optimal for fishing the river, clear cold water makes it easier for the predator fish to hunt by sight as opposed to utilizing their other senses to feed when the water is murked up. It happens a few times a year that conditions are right for the Maumee river to be clear and cold. We are seeing a few walleye being pulled out right now , just have to get out there and explore some of those holes where they lay up waiting for some bait to drift by.  I know that another king salmon was hooked, fought and subsequently lost…BUT it was on the hook for a min–maybe next time it’ll be landed. In the Spring, Summer, most fishermen prefer to fish relatively shallow structures. Fish tend to hold there in warmer parts of the year because the structure provides shelter and easy access to potential food sources. As it gets colder, though, fish tend to migrate in schools to deeper water. As the depth increases, temperature stabilizes and it’s easier for them to do their version of light hibernation. Steep drop-offs and underwater channels are the most popular spots for cold weather fishermen to hit. Fish of most species typically hold in tighter groups when the water’s cold. So if you get a bite in a specific spot, you can expect that there are more fish to be caught nearby.  For soft plastic fishing –  use the method of dragging the bait along the bottom and popping it up periodically – and slow it way down. Let a few seconds pass between each movement. It will allow slow moving fish the opportunity to catch up with the bait. The technique requires quite a bit of patience, but it is typically the best way get fish in when the water’s cold.

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing

Suggested Baits

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