Maumee River Report-October 25, 2019

Maumee River Report-October 25, 2019
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The wind has finally died down and I hit the river for a an hour -success! Pretty exciting, I hooked into several walleye but only landed one, also some white bass and catfish.  I was throwing some of the panther martin spinnerbaits and also a lead head with a green firetail jig.

I spoke with the District #2 Ohio DNR office and they didn’t realize how many saugeye we actually had here in the Maumee , a couple of weeks ago they went out and did an sampling and were pleasantly surprised that they came up with some . They told me that they plan on doing a little research to see where they may be coming from.

Here is what the DNR has to say about the saugeye “Saugeye are a hatchery-produced hybrid made from a cross between a female walleye and a male sauger that are particularly well-suited for Ohio reservoirs. Each year, the Division of Wildlife stocks more than 7 million saugeye in more than 70 reservoirs. Saugeye grow rapidly in Ohio reservoirs and most fish caught by anglers are 12-18 inches. Although saugeye are a cross between walleye and sauger, they often behave differently than walleye, so methods can vary. Saugeye are not likely to suspend off the bottom, unlike walleye, so present lures close to the bottom.’

Mixed bag on the river-Catfish, walleye and white bass.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing

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