Maumee River Report- Walleye run info

Maumee River Report- Walleye run info
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WALLEYE HUNTER SHIRTS BACK IN STOCK -The lakes and rivers of the Great Lakes region are home to the magnificent Walleye. A member of the Perch family, Walleye are named after the reflective pigment in their eyes that help them see in dark conditions. Besides being fun to catch in open water or through the ice, Walleye is one of the finest fish for the dinner table. The Lake Moss Walleye Hunter long sleeve performance shirt from our Tactical Pursuit line features moisture wicking 100% polyester fabric with a lab certified 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating. 


The annual Maumee River Walleye run is fast approaching  . 

Top License Sellers- Full list published in the regs.

Resident 1 year – $25

Resident Senior-$10

Non Resident-1 day-$14

Non Resident-1 year-$50.96- The $11 Nonresident Lake Erie Permit has been discontinued and is no longer required. Nonresident anglers fishing Lake Erie and tributaries only need a valid fishing license.


Well every year I’m sure you hear from your buddies uncles friend that’s been fishing the Maumee river since he was 3 or some dude named Paulie that you met on the river( you know the same guy that has all the regulations memorized) that this rule  or that rule is in effect. For example -There is some sort of river myth out there that live bait is not permitted during the spawning run- NOT TRUE. Live bait is just fine and some times a piece of juicy night crawler can spark a bite on a slow day.

Crack open the fishing regs for yourself, free here at the shop or click on the link below.

Click on the below link for the 2022-23 Ohio Fishing regulations.

Starting Tuesday March 1st the spring spawning rules go into effect.

I will post the sunrise/ sunset times daily.

Walleye  bag limit – 6 fish – 15 inch minimum

The line may not have a hook larger than ½
inch from shank to point, or lure having more
than a single hook larger than ½ inch from
shank to point. Double and treble hooks are
prohibited. These regulations apply to the
following areas:
 The Maumee River from the Grand Rapids
Providence Dam to a line in the Maumee
Bay from Little Cedar Point to Turtle Island;
 The Sandusky River from the Waterworks
Dam in Tiffin to a line running ¼ mile east
of and parallel to the full length of the
Norfolk Southern railroad bridge in Sandusky Bay;
 The Portage River from State Route 19 to
the dam at Elmore;
 The Mahoning River from the dam at Berlin Reservoir to Lake Milton.
 The Maumee River from the Ohio Turnpike
bridge to the Old Waterville interurban
bridge at the end of Forst Road in Wood
County, and from the State Route 295 bridge
to the Grand Rapids Providence Dam;
 The Sandusky River from the Waterworks
Dam in Tiffin to the northern tip of Brady’s
Island in Fremont;
 The Portage River from State Route 19
to the dam at Elmore;
 The Mahoning River from the
dam at Berlin Reservoir
to Lake Milton.

RIVER CONDITIONS; The Maumee is still frozen and slushy in some deeper areas -lots of open water in the shallower spots.  The Water temps that we are looking for are mid 40s to get the spawning instint started. More later as we get closer.

Note – We are not doing a  Maumee Tackle Walleye tournament this year- due to declining participation . We have some ideas for for a different kind of river tournament  next year, we’ll keep you posted. 

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing.

Suggested Baits

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