MaumeeRiver Report- 11 July 17

MaumeeRiver Report- 11 July 17
Water Level Icon

Water Level

584 and moving fast

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Water Temperature

74 degrees

Barometric Pressure Icon

Barometric Pressure

29.89 inHg. falling

Water Clarity Icon

Water Clarity

3 inches

After yesterdays rain throughout the whole are the river is up and moving .  We saw some big cats caught last week in the high water and will probably see that same today. The local creeks and steams are up as well but these can make for some very good fishing in high water. For the most part, you won’t find many fish holding in fast current. They will almost always be holding in slack water areas. Sometimes, those slack areas are on the bottom behind a rock or log where the fast water is moving over their heads. Usually, when the water is moving very fast from recent rains, they will be holding very tight to the shoreline cover that blocks the fast currents, like the base of a tree, a fallen log or a rock.  These pockets might be very small and very shallow. You almost can’t cast to them.  If you are casting too them, it takes very accurate casts to land in the small spot and not on the bank or in tree branches. Even when you hit the spot perfectly, the fast current catches your line and pulls the bait out. You just about have to get right next to them and drop a jig down and dabble it right in front of their face. If your creek allows it, walk the bank quietly and drop your bait into these calm areas right next to shore. At times it can be very easy pickings. Swan creek is a often overlooked treasure. It runs from the Maumee river and winds its way through a good park of Toledo- walleye, white bass, catfish and steelhead have all been pulled out of this creek.

Click on map and zoom in to check out Swan creek and others in the area. or go to this link for some maps to local waterways.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing.


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