Report December 7 , 2019- Ice Fishing Prep

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Last night the temps dipped down in to the 22 degree range so it seems we may be at the start of a cold trend that will give us some ice fishing opportunities this winter. Right now the Lake Erie surface temps are between 38-40 degrees and dropping  .  The river is  around that 37 degree mark.  Of course we will see the local ponds and reservoirs freeze before we get any ice on lake Erie. At the best we are probably 2-3 weeks from getting any decent ice coverage. Remember no ice is safe ice.

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  • Depth Matters – Fish generally will stay a specific depth during the winter. Do some simple internet research to find out what depth the species of fish you’re trying to catch stay around during the winter months.
  • Slow and Steady Wins the Fish – Fish don’t expend as much energy during the winter months. If you move your bait or jig too fast a fish might not hit in order to save energy. This is the biggest problem novice ice fisherman have when they start out.
  • Use a Bobber to Set the Hook at the Right Time – Not only do fish use less energy during the winter months, they are also less aggressive. They won’t hit your bait or jig as aggressively as they would during the summer months. This is where a slip bobber comes into play. With a slip bobber you can set the depth of line and see when a fish might be giving you action

We are fully stocked with our ice fishing gear , I also stocked up with extra tungsten lures this year.


Maumee river- as the water level drops and the water clears we should see another round of steelhead picked up in the river . Right now we are hearing a few walleye are being pulled out of the regular areas, give it a shot before the river freezes.

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing

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