shiners and frozen shad in stock.

shiners and frozen shad in stock.
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60 degrees

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4 inchs

We still have a good selection of bait in stock . Plenty of worms, wax worms , emerald shiners and even some frozen shad.

Now that the water is coming down to a good level here in the river, we’re starting to hear some reports of crappie being picked up. Find a creek -any creek Turkeyfoot , Beavercreek any little no-name creek  that feeds in to the river- work from  the mouth of that creek on up a couple hundred yards and there’s a good chance there’s some crappie in there. When the water gets real high like it did last week they tuck up in the creeks  and slack water  to get out of that heavy current. And now that the water is dropping they’re still in there but they’re starting to move around a little bit and feed without having to worry about getting sucked into that rough current of the main river

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