Maumee River Conditions- 6 August, 2019

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29.81 inHg. falling

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Water running very low. Time to target some resident river walleye.  Drift a leech(or a whole nightcrawler) about 3-4 feet under a large bobber. Look for those deep holes near bluegrass and buttonwood. The heat of the day might not be very productive but the early morning  and just before dark would be optimal times. The size of the weight should be adjusted depending on the speed you’re drifting at and the water depth.   Your goal is to keep the bait close to or just above the bottom.  When you get a bite, continue to feed the line for a few seconds to set the hook. This technique works best in the sharp river channel dropoffs, edges of the weedbeds points, and bars.

Simple Ecology Lesson:

Worms live in the dirt.

Fish live in the water.

Leeches live in the water. 

Leeches are a PRIMARY food source of fish and therefore an optimal bait.  And yes we have them in stock. Crawfish Too.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing.

Suggested Baits

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