Maumee River Report 16 August 2019

Maumee River Report 16 August 2019
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29.98 inHg. rising

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Looks like the rain the last few days has the smallmouth bass awake and on the prowl.  The water level is up just about a foot and the water temp has dropped just enough to spark some activity. If you have a favorite hole on the river now is the time to hit it.

We are well stocked with live bait .

Bait Menu
Minnows -$2.99 doz

Shad-4.99 per bag
Night Crawlers- 2.35 doz / $4.40 per 2 doz
Green Night Crawlers- $3.30 per doz
Leaf/Red worms – $3.25 per 2 doz
Flat of Nightcrawlers (500 worms)- $60–prepaid


Waxworms- $3.50 for 50-   or $14 for 250

Crawfish now in stock–$4.99 DOZ

Have fun , be safe and good luck fishing

Suggested Baits

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