Maumee River Report – Friday September 13, 2019

Maumee River Report – Friday September 13, 2019
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Water levels. You see me post and talk about the water levels here on the Maumee River frequently. Here at the shop when we check the river levels we use multiple methods . There are several websites that indicate the hourly level, such as the and the national weather service site at Both of these are for the most part reliable. The one that we frequently refer to is the numbers painted on the side of the 475 bridge on River Rd in Sidecut metro park . As you can see by the featured photo that the gauge on the bridge has been repainted and color coded. If the green is showing then its typical safe to wade over to Bluegrass island (582 ft sea level and below) . When we see the red then crossing to the island by wading on foot is not considered safe,when the red numbers are showing -583 and above. Of coures this is jsut something to estimat water levels , often in the spring the water may be at a “safe” level but the curent is moving to fast. As always exercise caution when entering the water.

Today the water is low and slow.. just a bout a dry walk over to the island. This is a good chance to cross over and target a few small mouth and catfish.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing

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