Waders now in stock!

Waders now in stock!


Hogeman neoprene waders

Proline neoprene waders




In preparation for the spring we are all stocked up on bootfoot waders.

We know that fishermen come in all shapes and sizes . So we carry “stout”  “ king” and “expandable “ size waders for those that are short/big and those that are 6’4” and taller.

Women and youth waders available as well.

We have 3 types of non- insulated waders ranging in price from $55 to $95.

We have insulated Lacrosse brush-tuff 5mm neoprene waders , the main picture above, for $229.99(compare at the big box stores for $280).

Lacrose teal waders in adult and youth sizes.$169.99

Proline 3.5mm insulated neoprene. waders. $139.99

Winchester3.5 insulated neoprene waders. $159.99

Hogeman insulated neoprene waders . $109.99


And of course all the wader accessories- belts, patch kits and wading staffs.