Walleye Run Information


WALLEYE RUN:The Maumee river is well known for it’s annual spring walleye run. Located just minutes from our shop , the Maumee river offers anglers a chance to catch the trophy walleye of a lifetime. Depending on weather conditions, the Maumee River walleye run usually begins in early March and ends by early May. But due to the unseasonably warm winter with not much ice coverage many angler are speculating and preparing for an early beginning to the run this year. We will have to wait and see what weather conditions February brings. Typically as winter ends and the ice on Lake Erie melt the Maumee walleye leave the deep water where they have spent the winter and begin their migratory journey. Its important to know that walleye don’t go by a typical calander, a number of factors go into when they move , the most important being water temperature. When they sense the warming trend the male walleye begin their journey , sometimes arriving at the staging site as much as a month in advance of the spawn itself. the females don’t arrive until the water has reached an ideal temperature to ensure the success of the reproductive activity. This is usually around 45 degrees give or take a few degrees. The pace at which the sun warms the water determines the pace of the spawn , shallow water warms faster than deep water so the spawn proceeds quickly during low water periods. Also a sudden cold snap or late freeze can throw a wrench in the walleyes plans, slowing down or postponing the spawn as the females hold on to their eggs.

So all that being said and taken into account, we will continue to monitor the weather conditions , water temp and level and pass on any information we gather through the last part of January and as February progress and we get closer to the spawning run.

We are ready and fully stocked with all your walleye run supplies; terminal tackle, nets, rods, reels, waders and more for a successful walleye season.

Be safe have fun and good luck fishing