Maumee River report- August 20 , 2021

Maumee River report- August 20 , 2021
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Water Level

579.5--low and slow

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Water Temperature

76 degrees

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Barometric Pressure


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Water Clarity

12 inch

We have emerald shiners and golden shiners mix available.

Look at this big old small mouth pulled out of the river this morning!

Phew..been a hot couple of days, but the slightly cooler nights have sparked a little bit of action here in the Maumee River.

Project Z™ ChatterBait®

Project Z™ ChatterBait®

LATE SUMMER SMALLMOUTH- We are blessed to live in a part of the country where smallmouth aren’t terribly hard to find, zip right down to the Maumee river and bam there they are. Of all the bigger  bass I’ve seen  caught this summer , well over 90 percent have been hooked on baits that were close to the bottom and moving slowly. I’m seeing a lot of baits cast into the rapids  let em bounce and settle in the downstream calm water and that where a lot of them are getting picked up. As fat and rolly as some of these  smallmouth have been this summer , I wonder if they are inclined to simply relax, position themselves where food is easy to nab, and wait for easy opportunities.

Works in ponds too!

Big Joshy SwimbaitsHow to rig a swim bait on a jig

The river is at a very low and very slow level, unless we get some good rain it’s going to remain like this on through the weekend. But that’s okay catfish and smallmouth seem to be digging these conditions.

Just below the dam in Grand Rapids ohio, in the weirs Rapids area, Jerome road Rapids and Buttonwood have all been productive for catfish and smallies the last day or two.

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing.




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