Maumee tackle ice fishing report 5 feb 2022

Maumee tackle ice fishing report 5 feb 2022
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Two great things about this photo first and foremost we have father and son spending time together. Secondly we see em back on the ice and getting it done .

After this rain and snow last week the temps have dropped back down and we are seeing some of the melted top layer of ice refreezing. The good thing is that due to the deep freeze of January we had a good thick base of ice to build back on . Lake Erie had some significant melting and ice movement from the winds Рlot of open water-so be very very very careful if your heading that way after some walleye.  On the other hand the inland lakes and pond are looking very good with reports of most of the layer of base ice holding up to the rain and snow .

We have wax worms and minnows in stock.

The maumee river has lots of open water ,however we are looking at another week or so of freezing temperatures so it may lock back up once more before march . Either way Now that we are in February we are keeping A very close side on the river, and temperatures as we get closer and closer to the spring walleye run .

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing

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