Maumee river report 14 July 2023–

Maumee river report 14 July 2023–
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8-10 inches


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Maumee River Outfitters has partnered with GardenView Flowers  of Grand Rapidsto host a U-Pick & Kayak event on alternating  Thursdays & Fridays throughout the season!

We would love for you to join us for a nice relaxing evening paddle downriver, and end your night picking your own bouquet of flowers while watching the sunset at GardenView Flowers🌼

Its  summertime and the bass are biting. Big fish like big baits.

One of the best ways to catch the bigguns fishing technique is simply looking for the hard-to-reach spots. Duck under trees, go through bushes, and anything else in the way, whether on land or a boat, to reach spots likely holding a colossal bass. Big largmouth bass sometimes lurk in the dirtiest-looking water sections rather than the clear open water.

Best lures to use to catch big bass: Topwater frogs, plastic worms, crankbaits, and chatter baits.

The same techniques apply to giant bass as they do to smaller fish; the only difference is a larger lure. Using a larger lures means you will probably scare away the smaller fish. The little bass will leave the big bait alone because they know they can’t match up with it.

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The Take Two Jackson kayak- Tandem, cause kayaking is better for with a friend. This one is great for dogs of all sizes as well as both seats are removable and can be adjusted to accommodate your pet.

2022 Jackson TakeTwo | -Elevation Sports


Length: 13’9″

Width: 37″

Capacity: 500lbs

Total Weight: 110lbs


  • solar eclipse
  • Stabilization
  • True-Line Tracking
  • Comfort Seat
  • Space-Saver Rigging
  • EZ Hi-Lo Seat Slider System


The TakeTwo is the latest in our line of tandem fishing and recreational kayaks. It is our largest capacity kayak and has the ability to paddle either as a tandem or a solo kayak.

Since the release of the Big Tuna, Jackson has continued to innovate both in hull design and the ability to stage your kayak for every adventure. The TakeTwo takes two steps forward with the advantage of a decade of innovations and function on one amazing craft to make it cutting edge for all paddling needs.

Our new “Comfort Seat” allows a variety of tandem and ‘facetime’ positions, as well as a variety of solo positions making it a great platform for fishing, recreational paddling or tripping. Iconic JK stability, logical accessory positioning, rudder option, and improved speed make it a serious predator in all water types. Its open deck, high-and-dry seating allow many hours on the water for you and a friend (dogs included).

The combination of massive storage space and new Tri-Trak gear tracks surrounding each paddler allow you to customize your TakeTwo for long days on the water, epic fishing adventures and even overnight trips. Unique to Jackson Kayak, the Tri-Trak is a multi-functioning top loading track system, that provides endless maneuverability and mounting options for electronics and fishing accessories.

The TakeTwo is where family fun, fishing and adventure unite in one great boat!


Suggested Baits

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