Maumee river report- 21 march 2024

Maumee river report- 21 march 2024
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Water Level

581.5-crossing to Bluegrass is permitted

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Water Temperature

42-43 degrees

Barometric Pressure Icon

Barometric Pressure


Water Clarity Icon

Water Clarity

1-2 inches



WEIGHT: 3/4 oz-1 oz  

BLUEGRASS ISLAND:  Permitted to cross

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Bright colors have been the trick this season so far.  Orange head/pink tail, green head/firetigertail, pink head/ pink tail, and white head/ green tail. 

 Heard a few reports of fish being caught up on the waterville and bendview metro park area. 

Buttonwood, Bluegrass Island and a spot or two along the Towpath were the productive spots yesterday.  Those as well as Jerome rd rapids should be very good today. 

Gweez its cold, but keeping the river at ideal temps for the spawn.

Walleyes like to spawn on rock rubble gravel to fist sized and sometimes larger rock. The fish often spawn at night, depositing eggs into the nooks and crannies between rocks. Current attracts them because it oxygenates the water. Thus shallow rock rubble areas, current flow (feeder rivers, creeks, inlets, and narrows), and windswept shorelines or shallow reefs tend to attract early-season fish.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing.

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