Maumee river report -heading into a great weekend-13 april 2023

Maumee river report -heading into a great weekend-13 april 2023
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52 degrees

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Water Clarity

8-10 degrees

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Sunrise/First cast- 6:58 am am

Sunset/Last Cast-8:12 pm

Wading to Bluegrass Island is permitted.

Weight: 1/2 – 5/8 oz- 

All access areas including Bluegrass are accessible today..

Heading into a great weekend.Might get a little rain Saturday but thats OK we need it.

Plenty of live bait in stock. Emerald shiners, night crawlers, red worms, waxworms . As it warms up next month we will have leeches and craw fish. Seeing a few crappie and bluegills being pulled out of some local creeks. Best is still up round the docks and areas with structure off RT 2. 


Lots of happy faces coming out of the river-lots of walleye coming out of the river.

temps have warmed significantly in the river . We have seen a few white bass , maybe a few white perch here and there but no numbers.

White perch

This is a white perch, looks like a white bass doesn’t it. They don’t have the pronounced stripes like a white bass though. See the white bass picture below for comparison

White bass

One of the most popular species to target here on the Maumee this time of year is a small, silvery fish called the white perch. White perch are a relative of the White bass and are often mistaken for the same.  but are smaller in size, typically measuring in at 8-10 inches- usually a  nice and fat panfish. In April through June, white perch migrate in from the lake Erie  into the Maumee  rivers to spawn. This makes for great shore fishing and a denser concentration of fish.

No double hooks allowed until May 1st.

Use light tackle. Due to their small size, white perch tend to nibble delicately. Light tackle will allow you to feel those very lite bites so you can better anticipate the hook set. Use  live bait. White perch love small worms, and minnows. Double your odds-Try using a crappie rig to catch multiple white perch at once. Bait each of the smaller  hooks with a small minnow or piece of worm and drop if down to the bottom with a 1 ounce weight . Single hooks only until May 1st. 


Have fun be safe and good luck fishing.


Suggested Baits

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